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Established 1978, in Maplewood New Jersey, Bell'Amore Imports started providing high quality baked and confectionary products from Italy. In 1992 we moved to our new head quarters and warehouse in Linden, New Jersey.

We are a very unique company for three reasons:
  • We import ONLY baked/confectionary items
  • We import ONLY from Italy
  • We sell ONLY to distributors

Before it's decided to import any product, we visit the manufacturing facilities in Italy to assure that the best and most up to date quality controls are implemented and that production capacity is available for continuous and uninterrupted shipment to the U.S.

All of the products we import are of the highest quality in their category.

All the products we import are either under our own label or are available exclusively from Bell'Amore.

300 W. Elizabeth Avenue   
Linden, New Jersey 07036 USA   

Phone: (908) 862-5000   
Fax: (908) 862-1968